In 2018 our CSA is evolving, read on.

ARF Community Supported Agriculture

In 2018 we are making some large transitions in our CSA program, that we are excited to share with you. Alternative Roots Farm now offers Spring, Fall and Winter CSA Shares, Apple Shares, Applesauce and Apple Butter Shares, Pesto Shares, Tomato Shares. At this time we have discontinued our traditional summer CSA; find us at the New Ulm and Mankato Farmers' Market August - October; find our offerings at the New Ulm Community Market and Co-op year around.

What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture is more than food, it is a relationship with your farm. CSA brings fresh, local produce directly to you from the hands that harvested it, through the purchase of a “share.” Members purchase a “share” from their farm in advance of the season; then members reap the rewards during the season, when they receive their "share" of fresh, seasonal produce. 

CSA is a partnership, a building of community, between the growers and the eaters, to share in the rewards and risks of the season – bountiful harvests and crop losses alike. The up-front investment made by members provides income and stability for the season ahead. 

CSA :: fresh, seasonal, local, community, shared risk

Video from The Lexicon of Sustainability: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What are the benefits of being a CSA member?
On a personal level, produce is delivered regularly, supporting a healthful diet. Produce is fresh and local, with nutritional quality at its peak – highest nutritional quality means the most bang for you buck. The seasonal commitment can help you maintain a balanced budget and become more adventurous with your cooking! A direct connection with your farmer means you know exactly where your food came from and how it was grown

On a community level, you help nourish economic sustainability by directly supporting the livelihood of small, family business, as well as your local economy.  As a small, local, business we make purchases and investments in other local businesses, for supplies, tools, financial services, etc. Together we contribute to a vibrant community.

On a global level, investing in a local business that is utilizing sustainable and organic practices has many benefits, including:  positive impacts on the environment; a reduction in fossil fuel dependency (reducing your carbon footprint); a reduction in garbage through minimal product packaging; and an effective way to challenge America's current unsustainable food system.

This all translates to a healthier you, and a healthier planet.

Is the food washed & ready?
Our produce is hand-picked, cleaned stored in a walk-in cooler until delivery. Some of the produce will be washed, but some will not because it maintains a better quality until to delivery. For example, new potatoes are spray washed, but storage potatoes are not. It's a good rule of thumb to wash all of your food at home, as you prepare it.

Is a CSA right for you?
If you like to cook, and try new things, CSA is a good fit. If you are adventurous and flexible you're good to go. If you are intent on making healthful life changes, this can support your efforts. If you are a family of picky eaters; you eat out more often than in; or your expectations are for a constant supply of just the right amount of your favorite items then perhaps shopping at the farmers' market, or purchasing a Farm Share (see below) would be more suitable. Becoming a CSA member is a commitment, please make an informed decision. 

If a CSA Share is not right for you, we can guarantee our fruits and veggies still are! Find our produce at the farm and on-farm events, local Farmers Markets and local co-ops.