Thursday, March 21, 2019

2019 Dirty Dozen//Clean Fifteen

It's time to print off a new Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen card for your wallet! This fantastic, quick and easy, guide offers a great reference where best to spend your organic grocery dollars, if you aren't able to go all in on organics (like most families on a budget).

Click over and Get the Guide

The Dirty Dozen is a list of the most highly contaminated fruits and veggies - buying these items organic is a higher priority, if you are working to keep your diet clean.

We are proud to bring you organic apples, as they are always a high-ranking item on the Dirty Dozen list. This year apples rank #5, alongside a couple other A.R.F. specialties kale (#3) and tomatoes (#10).


"Apples are generally near the top of EWG’s Dirty Dozen™ list because they contain an average of 4.4 pesticide residues, including some at high concentrations..."

"...most conventionally grown apples are drenched in diphenylamine, an antioxidant chemical treatment used to prevent the skin of apples in cold storage from developing brown or black patches..."

"The European officials' concerns center on the possible formation of nitrosamines on diphenylamine-treated fruit. Nitrosamines cause cancer in laboratory animals, and some studies have found that people who eat foods with nitrosamines have elevated rates of stomach and esophageal cancers."


"More Than Half of Kale Samples Tainted by Possibly Cancer-Causing Pesticide"

"Conventional kale farming relies heavily on the use of several synthetic pesticides, including Dacthal. The EPA’s 1995 classification of it as a possible carcinogen noted increases in liver and thyroid tumors. Dacthal can also cause other kinds of harm to the lungs, liver, kidney and thyroid."

Go Organic

We are proud to bring you clean-eating, local organic produce. We believe it is the best thing for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. Reseach supports this.

"A French study published in December in JAMA Internal Medicine, a journal from the American Medical Association, found that among nearly 69,000 participants, those with the highest frequency of organic food consumption had 25 percent fewer cancers than individuals who did not eat organic food."

"...the most recent of several studies evaluating the impact of an organic diet found that after only six days of eating organic food, adults and children had on average a 60 percent reduction in the levels of synthetic pesticides measured in their urine..."

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

ISO Egg Lovers!

Rhode Island Red "in" the nesting box.
Despite the cold temps and mountains of snow, the chickens are enjoying longer days, as well as apples, and some greens from the winter greenhouse.

Eggs are in abundance! We are looking for a few more regular/weekly/biweekly egg customers to enjoy these beautiful brown orbs.

Eggs are $4/dozen. They may be picked up at the farm by arrangement, some regular deliveries are made to New Ulm. Our farm is located 12 mi South of New Ulm, 8 mi North of Madelia, about 25 min East of Mankato.
Brown eggs, with a few blue ones.
Chickens are fed a non-GMO ration, with organic ingredients. They are allowed access to the outdoors year-round, expect on these few exceptionally cold days.

Order by texting Brooke 507-412-7605, messaging on facebook or emailing

Questions? Just holler!

Hard boiled eggs!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

2019 Grafting Classes

We are hosting two fruit tree grafting classes this March - join us in Mankato or the cities!

Falcon Heights - Saturday, March 16th - at The Good Acre
        Join the facebook event

**Snow Day Reschedule Date**  Mankato - Saturday, March 23th - at Wooden Spoon
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Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Cost: $50 / participant

Online Registration

You Bring:
•Large trash bag, & pot/bucket to take your grafts home in.
•Lunch or snack for yourself.

•Two hour classroom portion and two hours for grafting. Hands on learning.

Registration & Payment:
$50 registration must be paid in advance. To reserve your spot register online, email, or call/text 507-412-7605. Mail payment to Alternative Roots Farm, 11197 130th St., Madelia, MN 56062.

•••Learn how to graft your own Fruit trees!•••
In this class we will teach you how to propagate your own apple trees. We will discuss the time-tested techniques of fruit tree grafting including grafting tools, timing, proper scions and rootstocks. Attendees will practice what they learn by “Whip & Tongue” grafting different varieties of apple trees using modern day rootstocks.

Each participant will take home 3 newly grafted apple trees to be planted on your own property. Additional rootstocks available for purchase at class. All materials and tools will be provided for the workshop. Optional: Bring scions of your favorite old apple tree if you would like to graft these at the class. (Call John, 507-439-6541, for tips how to properly collect scions.)

 Online Registration

Sampler CSA Shares Available!

5 Sampler CSA Shares available! $27 eachFeaturing our organic winter greens!

Ready for pick-up/delivery beginning at this time!

Includes: salad greens • pea shoots • 3# apples • apple butter • 1 acorn squash • 1 small butternut squash • applesauce

Pick-up/delivery depends on your location and the day.
Payment - cash or check only.

To order - email, message on facebook, or text Brooke 507-412-7605.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Apples :: Prairie Spy & Connell Red

Let me introduce you to two of our late season apples...Prairie Spy and Connell Red.

You may see one, or both, of these in Winter Apple Shares, if you pick one of those up. I have heard from several people that Connell Red has become their new favorite. Both will be at the farmers market as well!

Prairie Spy and Connell Red apples - late season varieties.

Prairie Spy

A sweet apple with excellent flavor, which only improves in storage. Crisp.  Good sized, firm and dense apples. Great for fresh eating, cooking and storage. An attractive fruit that is cherry red over green-yellow. Introduced in 1940, by the University of Minnesota. Extra long keeping winter storage apple. Keeps 3- 5 months in storage. Stores very well until mid-January, then waning in quality into March.

Connell Red

Very large fruit with a sweet flavor with a hint of pear. Fine-grained flesh is good for fresh eating, salad, and baked apples. The tree is vigorous and weeping. Introduced in 1943, by the University of Minnesota.

How to Get ARF Apples

You can contact us directly, at any time, to get ahold of some apples. Text Brooke 507-412-7605, email, or find us on facebook.

We attend the winter farmers markets in Mankato, with the next date being this Saturday, December 15th, from 10:00-12:00 at Drummers Garden Center. The first January date is the 12th.

Grab a Winter Apple Share - last dates for 2018 are Dec. 15 (Mankato) and Dec. 17 (on farm). Sign up by Dec. 12.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Holiday Winter Apple Shares

Order by this Wednesday for our last Winter Apple Shares for the year!!!

This is a great deal on local, organic apples. Shares are 10 lbs for $22, or 20 lbs for $40. Shares will have 2-3 varieties of late season storage apples, or you can request baking apples.

Pick up either in Mankato this Saturday, December 15 at the Winter Mankato Farmers' Market atDrummers Garden Center & Floral between 10:00-Noon, or at Alternative Roots Farm on Monday, December 17, between 5:00-7:00 pm (rural Madelia).

Fill out the online form:

**Holler with any and all questions!**

Monday, October 8, 2018

Winter Apple Shares Now Available!

A New Apple Offering from Alternative Roots Farm

Sign up for one or more of our Winter Apple Shares - whether you are snacking, baking, or stocking the pantry this is a great, tasty deal!

Grab 10 or 20 lbs per share delivery - create your own program. Choose from four different pick up options throughout late October and November; a December date may be added later on.

10lb Share: $22  •  20lb Share: $40 • Larger quantities may be purchased at $2/lb.

Monday, October 29 - 5:00-7:00 pick up at the farm
Wednesday, November 7 - 4:00-7:00 pick up at the farm (during Fall CSA/Market at the Farm)
Saturday, November 10 - 10:00-12:00 pick up at Mankato Winter Farmers Market (Drummers)
Monday, November 26 - 5:00-7:00 pick up at the farm
A December date may be added later on. 
*Oct. 29 & Nov. 26 Mankato drop offs may be added if enough people sign up from the area.

How to Sign Up

Use the Order Form, or...

Contact us to let us know your:
   •preferred pick up date(s)
   •size of share for your pick up date(s)

Contact via:
   •Text: Brooke 507-412-7605

Payment may be sent to Alternative Roots Farm 11197 130th St., Madelia, MN 56062