Thursday, August 18, 2016

CSA Week #11

Some beautiful, hefty tomatoes went into boxes yesterday. Beans continue strong and Jalafuego jalapenos add some zing - poppers anyone?! New this week are a storage onion, leeks and garlic!

CSA News Week #11 ~ featuring: farm news; leek prep tips; tips for tomatoes; fresh salsa recipe.

In the Box: Swiss chard (half shares), pint cherry/grape tomatoes (full shares) Ailsa Craig onion, German Red garlic bulb, 8 jalapenos, carrots, 1 Antohi Romanian (white) frying pepper, 12 oz mixed wax beans, 12 oz mixed green beans, cucumber, 1 lb Beacon apples, 1/2 lb leeks, 1-2 lbs summer squash, sage, 2 big (German Johnson/Black Krim) and 1 small (Black Trifele) tomatoes.

Pick up site recipe includes your apples and honey from our favorite beekeepers!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Apple Shares Available!

Purchase a share and receive 6 weeks of local, organically grown apples with a bulk discount! Each week bags will be filled with the freshest varieties available! Varieties will change week to week as the season goes on.

Apple Share :: 3 lb. Bag :: $45.00
     • 18 lbs. That's a value of $51.00, or $2.50/lb.
Apple Share :: 4 lb Bag :: $54.00
     • 24 lbs. That's a value of $60.00, or $2.25/lb.
Baking Apple Share :: 10 lb Bag :: $48.00
     • 60 lbs. That's a value of $60.00, or $0.80/lb. These are "2nds".

Shares are limited in quantity and available on a first come, first served basis. Let us know if you would like to reserve a share. New this year is our Baking Apple Share, which utilizes our "2nds". Please take a look at the details below and let us know!

To order an Apple Share, send us an email specifying:
1) which share you would like - 3lb or 4lb or Baking
2) which delivery option you would like - CSA pick up, farm or market
Payment is due at the time of reservation, either by mail, or at CSA pick up/delivery, or market.

Pick Up Options:    ***same delivery method must be used for all deliveries***
1) You pick up your Apple Share at 101 S. Franklin, Wednesdays between 4:30-5:30.
2) On-farm pick up, Wednesdays 3:30-7:00 pm.
3) Farmers' Market pick up, Saturdays 9:00-12:00.

Friday, August 12, 2016

CSA Week #10

Woot! Apples showed up for the first time in our Week #10 box. Everyone received 6-7 Beacon apples, in addition to all the delicious veggies pictured below.

CSA News Week #10 ~ featuring: farm news; Evolution Cucumber Salad; Paula Dean's Zucchini Bread; Basic Roasted Veggies; featured veggie: cucumbers; and Brooke's article on Food Waste: Put Your Guilt in the Compost.

In the Box: quart mixed heirloom tomatoes, bunch basil, red/green cabbage, white/green cucumber duo, green onions, French Gray shallots, Ronde de Nice summer squash, carrots, 1# mixed green/purple beans, Swiss chard, 12oz mixed wax beans, mint, baby beets, zucchini and 1# Beacon apples.

Site host Megan came up with another great recipe!

Monday, August 8, 2016

CSA Week #9

Whew...a few days behind on this again, but here is last week's CSA delivery! Now I am going to go start harvesting for Week #10. :)

CSA Newsletter Week #9

In the Box: 12 oz bag wax beans, beets, carrots, red and yellow onion, bunch of tarragon. trio of cucumbers, green cabbage, green pepper, white frying pepper, 2 lbs red potatoes, celery, quart of mixed heirloom tomatoes, 12 oz bag green beans, French gray shallots.

Monday, August 1, 2016

CSA Week #8

CSA Week #8 ~ July 27, 2016

CSA Week #8 Newsletter ~ featuring: farm news, Farm-to-Table Dinne with Schell's Brewery, Featured veggie: broccoli, Half/Whole Hogs available, & several recipes: John's Baked Zucchini, Grilled Cabbage, Zucchini Soup.

In the Box: Cucumber trio, 1# Dragon's Tongue wax beans, 2 lbs red potatoes, 6 jalapenos, Ronde de Nice summer squash &/or zucchini, green peppers (not pictured), large bunch green onions, quart Rattlesnake beans, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, sage and pint of tomatoes!

Pick up site recipe this week.
 Garlic was all harvested! They are big and looking amazing!

Cabbage harvest for CSA.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

CSA Week #6

It was a very rainy CSA harvest day, but harvest goes on and muddy beets and carrots can be washed! It has been quite a treat to have the Farm Teen helping out with folding boxes, cleaning, sorting and packing on CSA day. We get some extra time to hang out in the business of summer and she gets a little more insight into what her parents do.

New for the CSA season this week...Ronde de Nice summer squash, basil, carrots and chard.

CSA News Week #6 ~ featuring: fresh basil vinaigrette; swiss chard and caramelized onion tacos; featured veggie: beans; summer squash saute; Japanese cucumber salad.
As well as updates about our: 
     •July 23rd Garlic Harvest & Potluck, 
     •half/whole hogs for reservation
     •September 11th Farm-to-Table dinner with Schell's Brewery!

CSA Week #6 ~ July 13, 2016
In the Box: Ronde de Nice summer sqash (or zucchini), Dragon's Tongue wax beans, three cucumbers, Swiss chard bunch, beets (full shares), bag o' basil, spring onions, carrots, garlic scapes, celery (half shares) and Kale.

Herb Boosters Week #1: basil, spearmint, tarragon, mint.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

CSA Week #5

We begin July with new items like wax beans, summer squash and cucumbers. Verging on the bounty of deep summer. Peas continue, spring radishes wrap up.

CSA Newsletter Week #5 ~ featuring: New Potatoes in Dill Butter; featured veggie: Onions; onions on the grill; sautéed kohlrabi.

In the Box: quart snow peas, cucumber (or zucchini), bunch parsley, quart Dragon's Tongue wax beans (half shares), garlic scapes (the curly Qs), mini celery bunch, quart shell peas, radishes, yellow spring onions, two kohlrabi, zucchini (full shares. New potatoes did not make it into boxes, as harvest excavation revealed their lack of size and readiness.

Pick up site recipe of the week, courtesy of our kind site host Megan - Warm Beans & Bacon!

I am delighted that bean season has begun! Our first beans to come in are our Dragon's Tongue wax beans, bush type. These creamy, tasty beans will carry us into our main bean season.