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2018 Alternative Roots Farm CSA Options:

•Spring CSA - Have a spring fling with ARF! 1-2 weeks of early season items.•Fall CSA - Expanding to offer three Share options!
•Winter CSA - Featuring storage crops and greens from our deep winter greenhouse.•Apple Shares - An apple a day!•Applesauce Shares - clean eating goodness from your favorite farmers.•Apple Butter Share - a versatile sweet treat!•Pesto Shares - stock your freezer with summer goodness.•Tomato Shares - organic heirloom tomatoes, need I say more?

Note: At this time we have discontinued our traditional summer CSA; find us at the New Ulm and Mankato Farmers' Market August - October.

Additional Member Options

Pesto Share:     $23.00     2 lbs basil + 4 heads garlic :: August delivery
Preserve the flavor of summer by putting some pesto away in the freezer. Invite friends over and have a pesto party! Easy pesto recipe We use pesto for pasta, sandwiches, eggs, hors d'oeuvres and more.

Tomato Share:     $20.00 :: 10 lbs canning tomatoes :: Aug./Sept. Delivery  
Have a salsa party! Mixed heirloom canning tomatoes to freeze or can. Make sauce, salsa, canned fresh or herbed tomatoes. Enjoy a taste of summer in the deep of winter.

For All Members:

CSA Member Responsibilities
Farm membership with CSA is an adventure! CSA is about food, but also connection and community - much more than a trip to the grocery store. Purchasing a share is a season-long commitment, it's important to make an informed decision. Please read the information on shared risk and other member responsibilities at the bottom of this page and on the back side of the order form. Please contact us with any questions or hesitations you may have! We are happy to help find a Share that fits you and your family. 

A Note on Shared Reward/Risk

CSA* is a shared reward-shared risk arrangement between farmers and members. It is our duty to minimize risk and work our hardest to provide a quality product, it is our members duty to understand what this unique relationship means and support us in our mission. Many conditions - frost, hail, pests, disease - can have an effect on yield. Inevitably, some crop will do bad each year and something else will excels at the same time - it's a balance act during the season, and across the seasons. Members always get the best product - before farmers' market. Risk is addressed on the farm through conscious crop rotation, plantings to attract beneficial insects and by growing diversity - crops suited to our site; a diversity of fruits and vegetables; a diversity of varieties. 

Farm membership (any of our share options) is more than just getting produce each week, it is a connection to where your food comes from and what it takes to get it to your plate. 

A Note on Community

CSA is important for our farm, because it goes beyond just growing food to also grow community. We ask that through your farm membership you agree to participate in the farm in some manner - interact on the farm Facebook page, visit the farm during the season, attend farm events, get to know your farmers at the market or on the farm, share recipes and cooking tips with other members, volunteer at the farm, etc.


We ask all farm members to do their best to read the weekly newsletter, even if your delivery is not weekly. This will make the most of your experience, as well as keep you up-to-date on farm happenings, farm challenges, changes, etc.

Missed Shares Policy (for CSA & Farm Shares)

Shares must be picked up at the prearranged time and location. If you can't receive your share at the prearranged time alternate plans must be made 24 hours ahead of time; you can always have a friend pick it up for you, or opt to donate it. If you forget to pick up your share you must call us that evening to make arrangements to get it – one reminder call will be given to every member.

Our members come from New Ulm, Madelia, Lake Crystal, Lafayette, St. James, Searles, Sleepy Eye and more!

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