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We will be expanding our Apple Shares program in 2017, please contact us at to get on the wait list!

2.16.2017 • With the early February thaw, orchard pruning and any clean-up from the winter is in full-swing!  The mature trees are taking their final shapes with each cut, while the young trees are being formed for future years.  Pruning mature trees is much different than pruning the young; over pruning the young trees can stunt them for a long period of time, whereas the mature trees are able to rebound the stress of pruning more quickly.  Soon to follow pruning will be grafting, staking out the new orchard area, transplanting trees from the nursery and sticking in those companion plants for the trees!  Come April, the Alternative Roots Farm will have a whole new look.

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsor-A-Tree supporters
who made a capital investment in our growing orchard. Each supporter will be honored with a sign by their heirloom apple tree. Thank you for your support in this long-term investment!
2016: Joan & Robby Doss, Anne & Andy Biebl, Yvonne & Lee Weber (pear), Steve & Jessica Lindee, Kristin & Dale Anderson, Anonymous, Anita Prestidge & Aldean Hendrickson, Kellie & Chris Newman. Bob & Linda Beck. 
2017:  Lisa & Jesse Taralseth, Pat Nelson, Penny Nelson, Yvonne & Lee Weber, Betti & Ken Kamolz, Nick & Lexi Pietsch, Sarah & Steve Sveine, Terry & Ellie Sveine, Jan O'Marron, Dustan & Melissa Cross, Beth & Laine Sletta, Anne & Andy Biebl, Paul & Gail Lindfors, Kayla Bartlett.

An Apple A Day, For 47 Years
Apple Picking Season is Here, Don't You Want More Than a McIntosh?
New York Times, Oct. 2014
5 Reasons to Enjoy Apples 
University of MN Extension Video (1:48)

Early Season

Centennial Crabapple
State Fair

Mid Season

Sweet Sixteen

Late Season

Northern Spy
Prairie Spy

Apple Facts:

Weights & Measurements
Accuracy of these measurements will vary from apple to apple, 
based on average size, how they cook down, etc.

1 9-inch pie needs:
2-3 lbs apples

1 Pound equals:
3 medium apples   -   2 cups sliced

1/4 Peck equals:
2.5-3 lbs apples   -   8-9 medium apples   -   one 9 inch pie

1/2 Peck equals:
5-6 lbs apples   -   5 pints applesauce   -   8 cups jelly

1 Peck equals:
10-12 pounds   -   32 medium apples   -   3-4~ 9 inch pies
7-9 quarts frozen   -   4 quarts canned

1 Half Bushel equals:
20-24 lbs   -   8-10 quarts canned

1 Bushel equals:
40-48 pounds   -   126 medium apples   -   15~ 9 inch pies
30-36 pints frozen   -   15-20 quarts canned

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