Monday, November 9, 2020

What's In Store: November

Hey folks! It's that time of year where you think of farm fresh good winding down, but that's not true! We are just coming into a new abundance of goods, with the passive solar winter greenhouse coming into full swing!! Some storage crops are still available, as well as apples and canned items, which go year round!

*Closed Thanksgiving week - grab your apples for baking/snacks, etc, greens, garlic and more, this week or next.

*Raw Apple Cider - watch facebook for updates

*Applesauce Shares - now available for order. Case of 12 for $65.

What's In Store

Onions - $2/lb, $5/3lb bag *yellow onions almost gone
Garlic - $5/5 oz container *a few weeks worth left
Eggs - $4/dz
Microgreens - $5/2oz clamshell - zesty, mild, radish, arugula (stock varies)
Pea Shoots - SALE $4/2oz clamshell, $12/half lb
Salad greens - $5/1/4lb bag *availability varies week to week with growth in the greenhouse
Arugula greens - $5/1/4lb bag *early winter only!
Apples - $7.50/3lb bag *maybe a month's worth left - stock up!
--varities: Honeygold, Haralson (great baker) & a limited amount of Connell Red & Fireside, Regent
Applesauce - $6
Apple Butter - $5
Apple Rings - $3/3oz bag
Elderberry Syrup Kits - $15 - instructions included
Herbal Tinctures - $15 - do your research please!
   Chaga (anti-cancer properties), Stinging Nettles (great for seasonal allergies), Motherwort (anxiety, 
   PMS, cramps, menopause), Willow Bark (natural pain relief), Holy Basil (stress, adaptogen, system

tips for the farm store

•One family unit in the store at a time please.
•Bring your reusable bag please.

•Self serve, exact change cash/check please, or pay via Venmo.
•Holler anytime with questions - my cell # is up in the store.