Sunday, May 30, 2021

Frost Damage in the Orchard

What looked like a promising year in the orchard has dramatically taken a different turn. We thought we had escaped the multiple frosts this spring while the apple trees were starting to bloom and then again frost during full bloom on some varieties. We were mistaken. The cold temps of May 10th and 11th during the bloom period caused substantial damage to the blossoms, in some varieties there may be little to no fruit at all.

As our farm has made changes over the years we have gradually shifted towards more fruit; we were aware of the increased risk in that transition. Well here we are today realizing that risk. It’s going to be a tough year on the farm financially, but the cost to our well being might be more. Brooke and I are going to have to have tough conversations about the farm operation and how it all works; basically what can we cut and how can we supplement. It’s all going to take creative thinking, better use of our resources and overall become more “lean”. While we could sit with our heads in our hands and feel sorry for ourselves that reaction will not help anything. We are as resilient and the perennial plants we care for. Things will definitely be different this year but I can already see the positive aspects of our situation.

We will be pausing our sign up of Apple Shares at this time. Please contact us if you would like to be on a wait list, if we are able to re-open sign up.