Monday, April 12, 2021

Fall Apple Shares Available!

 Fall Apple Share Offerings for 2021

You asked, so you got it - an extended option is now available! Plus more!!

Each week enjoy a 4 lb bag of fresh & local apples.
Each bag sports 1-2 varieties of our organic apples. A mix of standard, lesser known and old heritage types. We'll send out a short weekly newsletter, with apple facts, orchard notes and a recipe or two. Begins the first week of September.

Two pick up locations - the farm store (Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays), or Saturdays at the Mankato Farmers Market.

$54 :: 6 week Fall Apple Share
$70 :: 8 week Fall Apple Share *best price

*4 lbs not enough? The option to sign up for 2 shares is available.

*New Bonus ... One week opt for a 10lb bag of seconds instead (great for preserving). Also, get first dibs on other Fruit Shares that may become available (raspberries, apricots, plums).

Add to your Fall Apple Share Experience
Add on apple products and Winter Apple Shares.

Apples Plus!  ::  $30
Add more apple goodness to your Fall Apple Shares - includes 3 apple butter and 3 applesauce - 1 each week, picked up with your with Fall Apple Share. Available for Fall Apple Share members only.

November Apple Share  ::  $22
A 10 lb bag of table apples for fresh eating, baking or preserving. Primarily late-season storage varieties. This share will land 2-3 weeks following the 8 week Fall Apple Shares and 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

December Apple Share  ::  $22
A 10 lb bag of table apples for fresh eating, baking or preserving. Primarily late-season storage varieties. This share will land a month after the November Apple Share and 1-2 weeks before Christmas.

Applesauce Share  ::  $65
A dozen jars of our clean-eating applesauce. Made with our delicious organic apples, a touch of local honey and organic lemon juice. Choose preferred month of pick up.

Apple Butter Share  ::  $18
A 4-pack of our Sweet Cider & Spice Apple Butter. Made with our organic apples, organic spices and a touch of local honey. Great to spread on toast, dress up oatmeal, yogurt or pancakes, or to craft into a delicious BBQ sauce for your ARF pork!

Please contact us at or via Facebook with any questions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spring Renewal & Trepidation

The rapid change from winter to spring has created quite the buzz around the orchard.

Apricots have more flower buds than ever, apples went from “green tip” to “tight cluster” in 2 days and disease management went from a normal ramping up to turbo mode.
While we welcome spring renewal and rebirth, it keeps us on edge during the season of frost. Frost can dramatically affect the amount of fruit we have during a season, especially during this time.
Despite that trepidation we are hopeful for a fantastic year at the orchard!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021



It’s our slow season, so the eggs tend to stack up. We need a few more egg customers to pop in the farm store and enjoy the happy hens hard work!!
Deliveries considered, by arrangement and depending on quantity.
$4/dz free ranged eggs, chickens raised outside with organic feed.
Thank you!!