Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orchard Photo Update 3.5.13

John began pruning at the orchard last weekend. Finishing all the larger trees and moving on to some of the smaller ones. Thanks Larry for your help! You can see piles of trimmed branches in the back ground. Hanging from the ladder you can see John's loppers that he just loves (thanks Mom!).

In total there are 60 apple trees at the orchard. John got a good start on the first pruning in a decade last winter--the early warm weather cut the pruning season short--and he aims to get all the way through the whole orchard this March. There is also one lone pear tree, which won't produce on it's own, sadly.

Larry and John built this fabulous tripod orchard ladder from upcycled oak. Cost--minimal hardware & free wood. Brand new this would be $180--way to go boys!

We are planning for lots of delicious apples this year! Hope you are too :)

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