Tuesday, May 28, 2013

These Rainy Days

Middle section of the field, mid-May.
So, it has been raining a bit. Like every time we want to get in the field (I suppose that is every day). We prefer to stay off the field when it is really wet, as it causes compaction. Although, when it's as consistently wet asit has been, and we have people to feed, we have no choice, and we end up popping out into the field for chores that need doing. We installed our large wooden bean trellises--for the 10' pole beans and I will go out in the muck and plant those today, along with our bush beans.

Brooke direct seeding.
I was out seeding beets, radishes, spinach and carrots the other day, when the neighbors came to plant soybeans. So there is me with my one-row direct seeder, with the contrast of their many, many row seeder. Go small farmers!!

So what do we do on these rainy days? The rain gave us time to work on other tasks to get ready for the CSA delivery season. Hazel helped John pick out recipes for our newsletters (below). A new book we have been checking out is From Asparagus to Zucchini

John (and Hazel) perusing the recipe books.
We spent half the day Monday in the packing shed, stocking, painting and doing work to get it ready for harvesting. The packing shed is where we store our produce, and pack our orders and CSA boxes. We store boxes, bags and such packaging items in here, and we also have a space for drying/curing onions, garlic and potatoes.

Getting the packing shed ready for the season.
Stocking the cupboard with Minnesota Grown labels and twistie-ties, as well as rubber bands, apple bags, mesh bags and towels.
Stocking the shelves.
John installed the flooring for the walk-in cooler. This flooring will be easier to clean, and provide a little extra insulation.

John installing the walk-in cooler flooring.
I put two layers of paint on the outside of the cooler, and painted a shelf.

Brooke painting the outside of the walk-in cooler.
 The moisture has been great for everything that is planted in the field--plants are germinating and growing great! Those darn weeds are too--when all this rain subsides we may just having a weeding party!!

Have a great day!

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