Thursday, May 15, 2014

Herb Garden :: Oregano

Oregano growing in the kitchen garden.

...Oregano, flavorful and nutritional...

• bold, warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor
• the name means "mountain joy"
• a member of the mint family
• anti-bacterial (containing thymol and carvacrol)
• anti-oxidant properties (contains beneficial phytonutrients)
• nutrient-dense (fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, calcium)

...How to bring oregano into the kitchen more...

• fresh or dry, add at the end of cooking
• garnish your pizza (even store bought)
• pairs well with mushrooms, onions, garlic
• infuse olive oil
• add to eggs - omelets, frittatas
• sprinkle on garlic bread
• add to salad dressings
• steep in vinegar
• toast lightly in a pan and add to your favorite chili or taco recipe
• sprinkle over a salad

World's Healthiest Foods: Oregano
The Epicentre: All About Oregano

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  1. Very helpful! I'm pinning it to remember later. Thanks! :)