Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Farmy Stuff

The work John and I are doing right now for the farm mirrors the title of this post--random farmy stuff. We have energy going in all sorts of directions at this time of year, much of it getting us ready for the season. As I finalize our planting schedule, we're readying our seed starting station, cleaning up work from the winter, and a dozen other things, and even today a new project starts with John out in the orchard beginning the pruning work. He was having fun sharpening all of his tools last night :) I

Given this it is a great comfort and blessing to have our CSA Shares all sold out for 2013. This allows me to get some other member-management work done pre-season.


 We love being a part of this "agricultural revival"...

I just love these farmy stickers I got from the conference--they are right on. Don't buy food from strangers folks. Speaking of strangers...

Snapshot of Brooke promoting the River Valley Woman
...this gal isn't one! You may have seen your friendly farmer's mugshot in the Feb. 22nd edition of the River Valley Extra?! I recently went to a little photo shoot, which produced the above shot, for the cover of the upcoming River Valley Woman magazine--out May 3rd. It was a fun diversion from my usual activities :) I am super pumped about a new woman's mag and thrilled to be a part of the launch!

More thing on my mind right now is getting some chores and projects done now that aren't so likely to get done during the growing season. I got one painting project out of the way and am ready to start another! And let's cap the post with a pig pic ;)

Piggies all nested up for the night! These creatures are amazing. Each night they are all huddled up like this and make themselves a nice nest to rest in, and most of the time you can only see a couple of them :)

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