Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Update 8.11.13

When the season starts racing along it's hard to keep up the photo updates every week, but here's the latest peek at some items in the garden at the beginning of August. The tomatoes are really starting to go this week, the peppers are looking like, and the corn is starting to fill in ears. Can't wait for fresh melon!.

Purple and white kohlrabi, both with a crisp white flesh.

King Richard leeks. Leeks can be used any way you would use onions, they have a nice, mild onion flavor.

The next crop of broccoli, with nice heads forming! Garden-fresh broccoli is amazing.

One of our sweet peppers, Alma Paprika.

Acorn squash, Thelma Sanders, very prolific this year!

Calendula, just one of the flowers we are growing in the field this year.

Valencia tomatoes, yellow, with low acidity. Just one of the varieties that is loaded with green fruit.

One of our watermelon varieties, Cream de Saskatchewan, with sweet white flesh.

In the pumpkin patch, Winter Luxury pie pumpkin.

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