Monday, May 12, 2014

Buds, Birds and Blue Skies (Photo Update)

Oregano, made it through the cold winter.
Blue Skies
The sun doesn't seem to want to make an appearance today, but the overcast and moisture is very nice for the abundance of transplants and seeds in the field. Saturday we put in a very full day and were able to get 99% caught up with seeding and transplanting in the field, plus the fruit trees were planted out and some fencing went in (before the lightening and rain pushed us out)! What a great feeling.

A view of the field, carrot seeding under row cover.
So what's outside now? Yellow and red onions, potatoes, spinach, beans, peas, lettuce, parsnips, carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, kale, chard, kohlrabi and herbs.

What's waiting in the wings? Celery, brussels sprouts, cucumbers and flowers.

Transplants, hardening off in the trailer outside, before
heading into the ground.
What's in the basement? More flowers, more broccoli, a forest of tomatoes, zucchini, winter squash, peppers, ground cherries and herbs.

What's left to start inside? Only melons!

Beets, planted before the first big storm, finally emerging
from the ground - all they needed was a rain-sun combo!

Hello garlic, you are looking mighty fine.
John sent me this exciting photo this morning - look at those apple blossom buds! We can't wait to see the orchard in full bloom. At the farm there are blossoms on the peach tree and the pears look like they will bloom this year. Also, the first flower bud on the strawberries was spotted.

The chicken run was fully enclosed just over a week ago and the chickens really seems to be enjoying it. They have plenty of space and green area. When it is 100% done there will be a fence through the middle, so we can rotate them back and forth to sustain a green pasture for them. In less than a month the baby chicks arrive!

Other bird notes, a yellow-headed blackbird was spotted down our road - pretty cool. We've been fortunate to have a pair of bald eagles living in the neighborhood too. I know John would have more bird notes, but that's all from me!

More Around the Farm
The first item planted was our bed of snap peas. They are looking full and amazing and we got the fence up, so they can go bonanza.
Snap peas going strong.
The peas and potatoes both went in before the first big storms came through. As Saturday's storm rolled in the potatoes began emerging in their trenches.

The first potatoes broke ground.
John is adding to the orchards each year with custom-grafted trees. Here he is planting out this year's grafts into the nursery bed. Last year's successful grafts were planted out into their permanent spots - apples and plums.
John planting this year's apple stock.
 These gals are so funny, every time I try and walk around them to get a good angle for a photo they just follow me. The storms leave them digging for earthworms with muddy snouts. Another month and there will be more pigs!

Have a great week!


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