Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CSA Week #13

This week brought Week #13 deliveries, as well as the beginning of our Apple Boosters (extra apples for CSA members) and Week #1 of Apple Share deliveries. We dug into our first late season potato variety - German Butterball.

Apples...our CSA members received State Fair apples, while our Apple Booster customers received Sweet 16. Apple Share members received our very first (and only this season) picking of Zestar!, as well as State Fair.

In the box: Dinosaur kale, leeks, green peppers, large bunch basil, red peppers (King of the North or Marconi Red), 1 lb heirloom snap bean, two bulbs garlic, 2 lbs German Butterball potatoes, rosemary, mixed heirloom tomatoes, green and white heirloom cucumbers, 2 lbs State Fair and the Apple Booster bag contains 2lbs of Sweet 16 apples.

(Tomato ID: large red=Italian Heirloom, Orange-yellow=Valencia, medium light yellow=Wapsipinicon Peach, yellow cherry=Blondkopfchen, red grape=Cherry Roma.)

Herb Booster Week #7: Basil, parsley, oregano, and mint.

First Apple Share deliveries! Six weeks of seasonal apples - 3# or 4# bags. This week was Zestar! and State Fair.

Upcoming apples: McIntosh, Wealthy, Red Baron.

Upcoming forecast: a low of 40° tomorrow evening! Getting ready to cover the tomatoes, peppers, ground cherries and basil to keep them comfy.

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