Thursday, June 18, 2015

CSA Week #1

It sure felt great to get this started again yesterday! Being back in the delivery routine was very refreshing. It takes a lot of planning to make a CSA happen, so it just feels wonderful delivering produce to excited folks, in compliment to the planning, weeding, planting, etc.

So, Week #1 is complete! I have already had reports of members eating their fresh, organic goods from the farm with dinner last night - greens in taco salad and strawberries in white wine. I love hearing what folks use their food for!

In the Box: French Breakfast heirloom radishes, pint ARF apple butter, a bunch of spinach, 1 head each red and green heirloom romaine, bunch beet greens, pint heirloom strawberries, rhubarb, spring shallots and half shares received a couple garlic scapes. The lettuce head are FULL this year! Looking and tasting fabulous. 

Week #1 CSA Newsletter

Here are a few more photos during my day of harvest and prep for delivering the first boxes:

Radishes are harvested, bunched, sprayed off, them hydro-cooled to preserve freshness.

You can see the flowers starting at the top of the shallot leaves, cold weather early on caused them to "bolt" or go to flower, which means we must harvest them early, instead of curing them for storage. Making the most of it they become a great spring treat for members!

Lettuce is harvested, bad outer leaves removed, washed once to remove dirt, them hydro-cooled and sanitized in a second tub of water.

We are very happy with this start to the season and look forward to next week already! Peas will be starting soon and more garlic scapes are coming in. Spinach and strawberries will last just a little bit longer.

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