Thursday, September 3, 2015

CSA Week #12

Week #12 bring us two-thirds of the way through our season. Peppers are coming in more, tomatoes keep up their abundance and apple harvest continues. Summer squash and cucumbers begin to wane, as do the beans. Onions and garlic have finished curing. We will start to see a slow transition into fall fare.

CSA Newsletter Week #12 Featured Veggie: Beets; Recipes for: roasted beets, sautéed Brussels tops; tips for: cooking beets, melons on the grill, drinking water in the morning; along with the usual farm updates and farmer shenanigans.

2015 CSA Week #12
In the Box: 3lbs Kennebec potatoes, 1lb heirloom snap beans, Ronde de Nice summer squash (full shares, 2.5 lbs mixed heirloom tomatoes, a bunch of "Brussels tops" (the top of the Brussels sprout plant, cook like collards), cucumber, pint ground cherries (half shares), 2 bulbs garlic, 3 yellow onions, 1+lb bunch beets, 4 green peppers, apples--2 McIntosh (redder), 2 Wealthy, Blacktail Mountain watermelon (some shares, not pictured).

Apple Boosters received 2 lbs of McIntosh.
Herb Boosters received 1 bunch each: basil, tarragon, thyme, lovage.

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