Thursday, July 7, 2016

CSA Week #5

We begin July with new items like wax beans, summer squash and cucumbers. Verging on the bounty of deep summer. Peas continue, spring radishes wrap up.

CSA Newsletter Week #5 ~ featuring: New Potatoes in Dill Butter; featured veggie: Onions; onions on the grill; sautéed kohlrabi.

In the Box: quart snow peas, cucumber (or zucchini), bunch parsley, quart Dragon's Tongue wax beans (half shares), garlic scapes (the curly Qs), mini celery bunch, quart shell peas, radishes, yellow spring onions, two kohlrabi, zucchini (full shares. New potatoes did not make it into boxes, as harvest excavation revealed their lack of size and readiness.

Pick up site recipe of the week, courtesy of our kind site host Megan - Warm Beans & Bacon!

I am delighted that bean season has begun! Our first beans to come in are our Dragon's Tongue wax beans, bush type. These creamy, tasty beans will carry us into our main bean season.

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