Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 24 is National CSA Day!

Do you have your CSA share yet?! Our goal is to move out the last of our few remaining share, so we can focus on farming and the important projects of the season ahead, including planting our new land into organic orchard and building our deep winter greenhouse for winter growing. Will you join us?

Friday, February 24th is National CSA Day. "CSA is the most direct connection that an eater can have with his or her farmer and is a connection to the land that an eater can’t get in any other way. Through CSA, we imbue food with meaning, story, and connection. In a world of intractable problems, being a CSA farmer or CSA member is an act we can take to make life better for our land, economy, and community as a whole." Excerpt from A Vision for 5 Million CSA Customers by 2030

CSA isn't just a meal delivery service, it's a connection to your food and farm. A way to support the health of your family, while also supporting your local economy and the health of your environment. It's an adventure, it's community building - with the bonus of being delicious!

Our members are at the core of what we do - thank you! This isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle - it's a labor of love that we are proud to do.

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