Monday, September 4, 2017

Apples :: Cortland

Mid - Late Season • Sweet-tart • Heirloom

Late September to Early October

A rich sweet-tart flavor that is aromatic and vinous. The bright white flesh has a nice coarse texture. The medium-large apple has a deep burgundy stripes over green-yellow skin. Cortland is a great all-purpose apple that makes a nice textured puree; it is great for fresh eating, cooking, as well as salads, because it is slow to brown.

Developed at Cornell University, Geneva, New York, 1915.

Parentage: McIntosh x Ben Davis.

Keeps for 3 months.

One of the first successful varieties developed from the popular McIntosh, the parent that it gets it's white flesh from. It is a very hardy tree, tolerating winters down to -40°, making it great for Minnesota!

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