Friday, April 6, 2018

Earth Day Events!

You may have spotted Brooke at the Ag Expo with a Twist, held by the Madelia Chamber last week, or you may have spotted John pruning at the New Ulm or Lake Crystal Orchard, or at the New Ulm Health and Home Show. We're a little more elusive in the winter. If you are waking from hibernation and eager to see your friendly farmers' faces a little bit more (and you can't quite wait until the Market opens) you have several opportunities to see us on Earth Day, Saturday, April 21!

9:00-10:00 AM • Re-Skilling Festival • St. Peter

John will be presenting Phenology: Re-learning Observation.Learn how to practice studying phenology; thinking about the timing of events in nature, observation of plant, animal, weather, seasonal changes in our region. Using phenology to make educated predictions of other events in nature; i.e. when to start tapping maple trees, when to expect to hear frogs croaking, time to start looking for mushrooms, etc...

11:30-2:30 • Earth & Family Fair • New Ulm

John will be presenting Pollinators and You, alongside many other great presentations.

See the event for full details, but beginning at 11:30 a.m., outdoor activities will include:
Educational talks about nature: Talks will be offered at four locations beginning at 11:30 a.m. and repeating every 30 minutes (last talk starts at 2 p.m.). People of all ages are encouraged to bicycle to each stop via a guided or self-guided tour (see below), although everyone is welcome to attend even if not arriving by bicycle. Featured talks will be:
Riverside Park: “Healthy Rivers” with Ron Bolduan and Scott Kudelka
New Ulm Pollinator Park: “Pollinators and You” with John Knisley
South Market Park: “Garlic Mustard Pull” with Joe Gartner (attendees will learn about this invasive plant and can take a turn pulling it)
Park & Rec Shop (6 N. Front St.): “Urban Forestry” with Shane Omersa

12:30-1:30 PM • Re-Skilling Festival • St. Peter

Brooke will be teaching Canning, Drying, Freezing 101: Making the most of the season. We'll go over basic techniques and equipment involved with preserving fresh, in-season produce to eat in season all year long.

Check out more details on the event pages:

2018 River Valley Re-Skilling Festival website
Earth & Family Fair facebook page
Earth & Family Fair flyer

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