Sunday, March 15, 2020

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a HORMONE that plays an important part in immune functions. We make sure to include foods that contain Vitamin D in our regular diet; for this, pastured animals are important.

Morning eggs are cooked in lard. Lard from pastured pigs is a good source of D, as are yolks from pastured chickens. If lard isn't your thing choose some good grass-fed butter (we use Kerrygold and Organic Valley). Cod liver oil is another source we use, and I also choose to take a Vitamin D supplement.

Rendering lard.
You may pay more for some of these pastured/grass-fed items, but the nutrient density and flavor worth it...and I’d rather pay the farmer than the doctor.

Many people are deficient in Vitamin D. I’m not a doctor, but this is what we do in our house.

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