Monday, July 13, 2020

What's in Store: July

Summer bounty is rolling in and apple season is just around the corner!!
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-7:00 & Saturday 9:00-12:00

What's in Store Now

Raspberries! Very hot item. They will be bountiful again this week and going out of season the following week. $6/pint or 3/$15.
Kale $3/bunch
Swiss Chard $3/bunch
Basil $2/1.5 oz bag
Eggs $4/dz
Garlic Scapes $3/bunch or $7/lb *gone after next week!
Applesauce $6/quart
Apple Butter  $5 each
Herbal Bug Spray $5
EO Cooling Mist $4
Herbal Tinctures $15 each - Motherwort (pms/cramps/anxiety/grief), Willow Bark (pain relief), Holy Basil (stress/adaptogen), Stinging Nettles (seasonal allergies)

What's Coming

Snap Beans
Apples - end of July
Garlic - fresh garlic later this week!
Pesto Shares (garlic/basil package) - beginning later this week!

Watch for updates on facebook!


Limited, but the young ladies should start producing in about 3 weeks!!

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