Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CSA :: Week 11

Week 11 boxes are delivered, you have find the newsletter here. We were very excited to included 3 new items that are all FRUIT in this weeks box--watermelon, tomato and apples! It is very exciting to start picking apples. Copied below is also a note about the orchard we included in the Week 11 boxes.

In the box this week: baby Detroit Dark Redbeets, Golden & Forhook giant swiss chard, red & yellow apples, Kentucky Wonder green beans, genovese basil, Creme de Saskatchwan watermelon, Aunt Molly's ground cherries, Early White Vienna kohlrabi, Red Baron & Yellow of Parma onions, Costata Romanesco zucchini, Early Jalapeno peppers, California Wonder green pepper, tomato mix: Black Krim/Valiencia/Costoluto Genovese, DeCicco broccoli.

"The weeks until apple harvest are quickly arriving and we are already starting to pick the fruits of our labor.  Although this is very early in the apple season, due likely environmental conditions, apples are beginning to ripen—and WOW are they good.  To an apple eater, drought during the ripening period is a good thing, since it concentrates the sugars in the apple, making them sweeter.  In your box there are a variety of apples of different sizes, flavors and colors.  When we started managing the orchard there was no map or identification of the individual trees, so at this point, until we identify them when they are fully ripe we are only guessing at varieties—but I assure you that your pallet will be pleasantly surprised.  Take the time to sample the apples separately and enjoy the different flavors, some are super sweet and some are more tart—one even tastes like wine!"

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