Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Market on the Move!

Alternative Roots Farm will returning to the Saturday Farmers' Market in New Ulm, for a third season, and we have several great announcements about Market!!

Farmers' Market Moves to Target!

We could not be more thrilled about the new market location. Not only will it provide better visibility for the market (as there was basically none before), but it provides better space for the vendors, and an improved atmosphere for the customers. 

It felt last year, to us and our customers, that it really had to be a destination for the day and folks had to know it was there. This highly visible location means greatly ability for new folks to discover the market - this jives with our farm goals of reaching out to more of our community. All around this move really benefits our community and the quality of our market.

Saturday Farmers' Market Begins July 11th

Same bat time, new bat channel...Saturday mornings from 9 am - Noon. Now how about those other exciting market announcements?! You'll have to stay tuned to hear them!

Come visit us at the market - Alternative Roots Farm is the only certified organic vendor, offering a wide diversity of vegetable, apples, herbs and many heirlooms.

A look at ARF @ market in photos...

Early market kicks of with tasty treats like snow, snap and shell peas, garlic scapes, greens, cabbage and more!

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