Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cover Crops & Grains

Oats in the broadcast spreader.

More than half of our cover crops/grains are planted now.  The wheat was planted first.  The oats under-seeded with alfalfa went in over the weekend--perfect timing with the rain.
If you look close you can see the oats being broadcast.
This Even-Broadcast Spreader device has been super handy--perfect for our small, tractor-less scale!  John spread the oats first, then went back and did the alfalfa separately.

John looks like he is having way too much fun!
We've had a few people ask what we are going to do with oats and wheat.  Well it will be feed, for the chickens and us!  I am looking forward to baking a fresh loaf of bread, from freshly harvested wheat, from my own backyard!  As well as happy chickens, and delicious eggs and meat.

On the approximately 1.8 acres of cropland we have only a 1/4 acre will be in vegetables this year.  The rest is in cover to rest the land, from it's history of intensive conventional ag; add organic matter; alfalfa and red clover have great root systems to break up compaction, improve drainage and porosity; and suppress weed pressure.  Still to be planted are the red clover and buckwheat--and so many yummy veggies!

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