Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Update 7.6.12

Well we are enduring the heat here on the farm--watering, mulching, and drinking lots of ice water!  Not to mention sweating a lot!  We are gearing up to cut our oats this weekend--probably just for use as mulch, and not the grain--we'll see.  Then on the 15th we'll be hosting a workshop on harvesting wheat!  Enjoy your weekend!

John, harvesting beets from our first bed.

The first kohlrabi of the season :)

The Pie Pumpkins are going crazy. The three-sisters corn and beans
are in the middle.

A couple of the tomato rows--all mulched and pruned.
One of the basil patches down in the left corner.

First planting of basil!  One of the few patches.  Also used
as a companion planting amongst the tomatoes.

I can't wait for the first snap beans!!!  This is the first blossom :)
The dry beans have been flowering for two weeks, so I
admit that I am getting a little impatient!

Yellow Pear (cherry) tomatoes are starting to fruit.

Valentine sunflowers--all starting to head--will be great
cut flowers.

The zucchini is starting...and then it will never stop!

De Cicco broccoli, starting to form heads.  Mmmmmm...

Hope you had a great 4th of July!  John was off of work so we spent the day working in the field and hanging out--we love working amidst all these wonderful plants :)

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