Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wheat Harvest Update

On Sunday, July 15th, we had a Wheat Harvest Workshop planned; unfortunately, the instructor was ill and the workshop was cancelled. But the wheat is ready, so we are harvesting. On Sunday we did still have one volunteer who came down from the cities and helped for a few hours, and got some one-on-one instruction with John. We are harvesting the wheat with a hand sickle, versus cutting the field with the scythe, like we did for the oats.

Our volunteer, Christopher, and John cutting and laying
the wheat in piles to be sheaved.
A giant THANK YOU to Mr. Christopher Thompson for volunteering his time and a wonderful visit.

 We will continue to work at the field little by little until we get it done, but it's definitely a process. If you are interested in volunteering to come out and help some day or evening, please don't hesitate to call--any time would be appreciated :)

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