Friday, April 5, 2013

Tooling Around

There is no doubt now that spring is ready to burst through with full force! Here's a few photos from around the farm and a glimpse at a couple of our new tools we have been able to upgrade to with our expansion this year.

A precision seeder was high on the list of essential tools this year. While hand seeding will definitely still be used, this seeder will make planting things like carrots and beets easier and more efficient. The rake is for prepping beds--the longer handle and wider rake head will also add to efficiency.

This green beast is our favorite new tool! Our brand new walking tractor, with rototiller attachment. With this we move into the realm of being mechanized--having our tillage at our fingertips, versus reaching out to schedule it is another move towards efficiency. This is a great step forward for us. Thank you to our members for helping us make this investment. A walking tractor is different than a tiller in that it can take different attachments. This will also allow us to take care of our soil better, by tilling some areas and not others, by widening our cover crop options so we may work in more organic matter.

All the tomatoes were planted this week! As well as the early broccoli crop, parsley and next come the peppers! The cabbage is germinated and coming along and the celery was the first thing to get potted up to larger blocks.

John made short work of organizing the garden stakes this spring--doesn't look like much but that was super handy to have put in place!

The field really doesn't look like much at all right now, but it's great to see where it starts and then how it transforms through the season.

We're eager for green outside here! So the chives are always a spring treat.

The green inside increases each day in our seed starting station. Like the little cabbages below.

The alliums (onions, shallots, garlic) have stored exceedingly well. While the onions have reached the end of their storage time, the shallots are still keeping very, very well. Some things are dwindling in the pantry now, and others are still abundant--helping us to determine what amounts to can/dry/storethis season. 

Only a couple months away until we start the CSA deliveries! We can't wait!

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