Monday, April 29, 2013

Photo Update 4.29.13

Planting season has begun. We have been patiently waiting, and are rewarded with some beautiful days. Now were are working hard to get everything in that we want at this time!

Saturday was so nice even the tomatoes got to hang out with the cool-season transplants we are hardening off. Putting them outside gets them used to the solar heat, and the wind.

Time to till! John got our walking tractor out and got down to business getting the vegetable field ready.

This is the field before tilling. The stakes on the left indicate the edge of our native prairie field border. The area, that seems bare, directly in front is new ground being added to vegetable production. You can somewhat see, off to the right, were the field edge was from last year's field. We are planting quite a bit more this year!

The field, from the other end, after tillage. The rough ground at the bottom of the picture is part of our grain fields, which will hold plantings of flint corn, barley, buckwheat and pig pasture mix

 Lovely new bumble bee house, complete with viewing panel.

The piggies love soaking up the sun and lounging outside!

The rainbow was a beautiful end to a great weekend working together out in the field.

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