Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CSA Week #1

Hooray! It's great to have the first week of CSA deliveries done. I always LOVE handing a box of fresh produce to an excited customer. Yesterday I had one customer open their box right in front of me and start snacking--awesome. I feel fortunate that we had good weather yesterday morning for harvest. Early Tuesday morning CSA harvest is a time John and I both enjoy together, out in the field, talking, drinking coffee and harvesting fresh food. I hope everyone is enjoying their goodies, and I can't wait for next week!
Week #1 CSA Box • June 25th, 2013
In our Week #1 boxes: French Breakfast radishes, green romaine (Winter Density) and red romaine (Rouge d'Hiver) lettuce, spinach, beet greens (yummy thinnings from the beet patch), Amish snap peas and apple butter from our 2012 harvest. We also included our newsletter, a MN Grown seasonal chart, and a guide on 'How to Store Fruits and Vegetables' from the Berkeley farmers' market.

Red and green romaine lettuce, ready for packing.
 Beautiful colors in the box this week! Greens in varying colors of red and green (they are complimentary colors you know).

Bull's blood (red) and Detroit Dark Red (green) beet greens.
 I love beet greens sauteed!

French Breakfast radishes.
 The heat brings out the spicy flavor radish lovers adore!

CSA box assembly line.
Harvest begins at day break, everything gets time to cool in the walk-in cooler, and then gets packed prior to delivery in the afternoon.

A view in a box packed and ready for delivery!
 From planning starting in mid-winter, to beginning seeding inside in March, to beginning seeding outside April 29th, to the dinner table in June. Hooray.

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