Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 Update

It's quite foggy here this morning--I can't wait for the sun to come out! Today and tomorrow sound gorgeous. The rain continues to be great for the garden, with another inch in the past week. What we are waiting on now is sun and heat to really make things grow. We are closely monitoring everything to  confirm a start date for our CSA delivery soon!

Here's a pic of the entire field from May 28th.

Foraging (harvesting wild edibles) has been fun this spring. We found a nice small batch of gray and yellow morel mushrooms, and were gifted some, so we have a nice batch drying in the shed. The wild asparagus has been delish--I am always sad when that season wraps up! Next year we will be able to start harvesting our home crop, so that will be nice. We did not find any wild ramps this year, but I am hoping to dehydrate some spring nettle for nutritious tea. Do you forage?

Out of the woods and into the field...spring tends to be salad season! Here is a look at our head lettuce. Three successions of plantings. The spinach is also filling in, and the radishes are looking tasty. I am looking forward to trying this radish butter recipe!

 The cabbage is starting to forms heads. We are growing two green and one red variety this spring.

Early Jersey Wakefield
Baby robins all nestled in and growing fast! The abundance of bird life all around is really one of the perks of being outside farming every day.

I had a little fun this past week with the pigs, for Schell's photo contest :) These hogs are really growing fast now.

Hope you are following us on facebook--we post lots of great pics on there as well! Once we start harvesting watch for recipes too!

Have a great week!

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