Monday, June 9, 2014

Our First Piglets Arrive!

Sunday morning Lilly went into labor and successfully farrowed her piglets. She seems much more comfortable now and very happy with her babies. She built this nice big nest with existing and new materials, to give them a soft, safe, warm place to come into the world.

Lilly nursing her new piglets.
Lilly and Vera have always been inseparable sisters - sleeping and eating together - but as soon as the events started unfolding Vera gave her space. Vera hung out all day in the shade and is now sleeping in her own farrowing hut (waiting her turn?) and continues to give Lilly and her babies their space.

The piglets have remained in their hut so far. They will begin to wander out in the next day or so, when they are ready. They are simply spending their time nursing and sleeping.

Here's a video of them nursing: Lilly and Her Piglets

Lilly appears to take great care with her piglets, when she is getting up and down, or flipping over. She even nudges straw around them to keep them warm. Their instincts are just amazing. Hooray!

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