Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CSA Week #2

Week #2 has begun with new items in the boxes and more sunshine outside! It feels glorious to have the ability to put in full work days without getting rained out. We are able to get back in to all parts of the field, without feeling like we are walking on quicksand.

Here's some pics from Monday's Week #2 delivery and a link to the CSA News Week #2.

The boxes were a little lighter, due to the spring season and the ongoing environmental conditions, but a nice diversity abounds! In the boxes: red and green romaine lettuce, spinach, Red Russian kale, bunching onions, beet thinnings, oregano, snap peas and radishes. The half share boxes also received 1/2 pint strawberries, strawberry-rhubarb jam, 1/2 lb corn meal and rhubarb.

We are looking forward to garlic scapes, snow peas and more coming soon!

My workstation - where I sort, weigh, package and make all my notes.

Kale gets bunched as I pick, in the field. Then heads to the hydro-cooling tank to remove field heat (so it will keep good and long). From there the harvest gets recorded and it goes into the cooler until boxes get packed.

Dinosaur kale bunch.
 So happy to have peas in season! They are one of my favorite things to pick (tasty, tasty).

Amish snap peas.
 Planning for CSA delivery starts with the newsletter (or planning in December) and a garden walk. Generally on Saturdays, we walk through the entire field and make our list for the week.

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