Friday, August 29, 2014

CSA Week #11

Another week of CSA has been delivered. Everyone received 2 lbs of delicious 'Beacon' apples - perfect for those first school lunches! We have made the switch from "table" onions (uncured, require refrigeration) to storage onions (cured, store in a dark, cool cupboard), which is one sign that we are moving into fall.

CSA Newsletter Week # 11

In the Box: 2 lbs Beacon apples, heirloom tomato mix, carrots, large bunch basil, Swiss chard, green bell pepper, 1.5 lbs snap heirloom mixed snap beans, 2 lbs Nicola potatoes, white and green cucumbers, yellow storage onions, jalapenos, bunching onions and mint. Half shares also received leeks and zucchini.

This week's Herb Booster: 1/2 lb basil!

Emily caught me packing CSA boxes...

On to Week #12 and the debut of more new items!

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