Thursday, July 30, 2015

CSA Week #7

These days in July can be long and hot, taxing for a farmer feeling the full swing of harvest, a never ending list of things to do, but CSA day is always rejuvenating.

Some deliveries I drop off and don't see folks, but most members I get to interact with each week and this is a lift I look forward to and need when July gets long. It's wonderful to see folks energy, to get excited at the weight of a heavy box and feel the appreciation for the long days of work we put in to make fresh, organic food happen. Community Supported Agriculture in action.

 It was a full and heavy box!

In the Box: mixed cucumbers, 'Ronde de Nice' (round) summer squash, 3lbs Mountain Rose new potatoes, yellow spring onions, fresh garlic bulb, carrots, 1+ lb zucchini, Swiss chard, quart heirloom wax or snap beans, Lodi apples, parsley, mixed heirloom tomatoes, jalapeƱos and beets (not pictured). Paper copies of the newsletter are packed in all boxes as well.

CSA Newsletter Week #7
Recipes: Basic Roasted Veggies

Swiss chard bunches.
Fresh garlic.
 What it looks like when you open the box - colors and aromas greet the eater!

See you next week!

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