Thursday, August 18, 2016

CSA Week #11

Some beautiful, hefty tomatoes went into boxes yesterday. Beans continue strong and Jalafuego jalapenos add some zing - poppers anyone?! New this week are a storage onion, leeks and garlic!

CSA News Week #11 ~ featuring: farm news; leek prep tips; tips for tomatoes; fresh salsa recipe.

In the Box: Swiss chard (half shares), pint cherry/grape tomatoes (full shares) Ailsa Craig onion, German Red garlic bulb, 8 jalapenos, carrots, 1 Antohi Romanian (white) frying pepper, 12 oz mixed wax beans, 12 oz mixed green beans, cucumber, 1 lb Beacon apples, 1/2 lb leeks, 1-2 lbs summer squash, sage, 2 big (German Johnson/Black Krim) and 1 small (Black Trifele) tomatoes.

Pick up site recipe includes your apples and honey from our favorite beekeepers!

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