Monday, October 10, 2016

Late Season Apple Updates

Jonathon apples, a delicious sweet-tart late season variety.

Late Apple Season Updates

As we move into late apples season, Apple Share members have enjoyed 6 weeks of specialty deliveries; CSA members received a pound+ of apples each week in their CSA boxes, for 8 weeks, with Apple Booster members getting an extra 2 lbs for 6 of those weeks; and farmer' market has come to a close. But it's still apple season! 

John, picking apples.
John is still picking late season apples - Jonathon, Prairie Spy and Haralson. Plus, it's apple season as long as apples can be stored for use. We are generally eating apples into January and we hope to extend that further in future years, with changes to our storage facilities and the addition of varieties of apples, many heirlooms, that are made for long-term storage.

Apples are still available by contacting us directly. ARF apples are also on shelves at several local co-ops - St. Peter Food Co-op, Natural Food Co-op (Litchfield) and Good Earth Co-op (St. Cloud), as well as the New Ulm Community Market & Co-op's Friday pop-up market.

Make sure to enjoy Minnesota's star fruit during this delicious season! Preserve apples during the season to enjoy apple butter, apple pie, dried apple rings and more all year around! Keep it local, plan ahead.

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