Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sponsor-A-Tree Shout Outs!

Sponsor-A-Tree Shout Out

A Huge Thank You! to our 2016 Sponsor-A-Tree supporters, who made a capital investment in our growing orchard. Later this month we will be purchasing 1 acre of land, adjacent to our home farm, where we will be expanding our organic orchard. Sponsor-A-Tree folks are a support with this investment and will be honored with a sign by their heirloom apple tree when these trees are planted out in Spring 2017.

Joan & Robby Doss
Anne & Andy Biebl
Yvonne & Lee Weber (pear)
Steve & Jessica Lindee
Kristin & Dale Anderson
Anonymous Awesome Apple Crew
Anita Prestidge & Aldean Hendrickson
Kellie & Chris Newman

2015 young apple tree planting at our home orchard.
We are deeply grateful for your investment and enthusiasm in our apple orcharding adventures!!

If you are interested in making a Sponsor-A-Tree donation, please contact us at

Mature apple tree at our off-site orchard.

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