Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Local & Seasonal in the Winter

{My local foods morning//musings on winter seasonal eating}

Chicken broth in the canner, nettle infusion steeping, pig liver/tongue/heart in the dehydrator, farm dogs chewing on marrow bones, smoked hock prepped for dinner tonight.

Organs dehydrating, stock canning, nettle infusing.
Winter is the time when I prepare our chicken bone broth and shredded chicken for the seasons ahead. This is an important part of our “seasonal eating.” Bone broth nourishes us and the pups as food and medicine. At the same time as we make broth we get shredded chicken to can and sometimes we throw in hocks that give us an easy meal--these ended up in hock-o salad (lol, taco salad). The dogs enjoy the marrow of the bones.

Nettle is one of the native, wild herbs I forage for food and medicine. One ounce steeped in a quart of water for 4 hours, or overnight, provides nourishment and a healthy (tasty!) beverage. The high levels of vitamins and minerals and very bioavailable (easy for our bodies to use).

The organ meats get dehydrated for dog treats. Let nothing go to waste!

Winter is a great time for these projects and also a great time to learn new skills to prepare you for the seasons of bounty ahead! How are you eating seasonally this winter? What new skills are you learning/wanting to learn?

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