Thursday, August 1, 2019

Farm Store Hours & New Items

We are so grateful to everyone who stopped to shop at our farm store in the first two weeks being open!! Folks enjoyed our first sales crop of raspberries, along with greens, eggs, jams and more.

Farm store is closed this week, but we'll re-open Wednesday August 7th with regular hours (below). Mid-August we'll add Saturday hours, for apple season!!

Watch for our FIRST APPLES OF THE SEASON next week! Pristine apples are delish!

Pristine are wonderfully tart, crisp, juicy and firm, with flavor and sweetness under the tartness.

What's Coming

Apples start with Pristine next week and continue regularly with Zestar! beginning mid-August. Watch for fresh garlic appearing over the next couple weeks. The first tomato has been picked, so tomatoes will be regular soon. Follow on facebook for updates!

Farm Store Hours

Wednesday 4:00-7:00
Thursday 4:00-7:00
Friday 9:00-12:00
Saturday *beginning August 17 9:00-2:00

Please come prepared to pay exact change cash or check. We're generally around, but the store runs on an honor system. Bring bags to keep plastic use down!

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