Monday, January 3, 2022

My Happy Place: in the greenhouse

 My happy place.

Sun is shining and it’s 80 in the greenhouse, I get to play in the dirt and grow healthy, organic food for my community.
I don’t have to pull any weeds in here.

These coldest of cold days in
Minnesota winter we need to find our happy places. I’m learning to love the kitchen as one of my happy places to create - an extension of my pantry I adore. Books and puzzles are a happy place of mine. Lol, and rearranging in the house.

I’m a little spoiled to have the greenhouse as one. This feels really, really good after working many 50 degree mornings last week.


If you are new around here we grow organic winter greens September-March in our passive solar winter greenhouse. Salad mixes, pea shoots and microgreens! As well as organic garden transplants in the springtime!

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