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I need to update this list badly! We have added soooooo many heirloom varieties this year that this is incomplete. We are harvesting 30+ varieties these days!!

Early Season

Crimson Beauty *future variety
Centennial Crabapple
State Fair
Paula Red 
Zestar! *Early season favorite!

Mid Season

Cortland *Mid Season Favorite!
Green Pippin *future variety
Sweet Sixteen

Late Season

Honeygold *Late Season Favorite!
Fireside/Connell Red *Late Season Favorites!
Golden Russet *Late Season Favorite Heirloom!
Ashmead's Kernel *Limited heirloom!
Prairie Spy
Ortley *future variety

Apple Picking Season is Here, Don't You Want More Than a McIntosh?
New York Times, Oct. 2014

University of MN Extension Video (1:48)

Apple Facts:

Weights & Measurements
Accuracy of these measurements will vary from apple to apple, 
based on average size, how they cook down, etc.

1 9-inch pie needs:
2-3 lbs apples

1 Pound equals:
3 medium apples   -   2 cups sliced

1/4 Peck equals:
2.5-3 lbs apples   -   8-9 medium apples   -   one 9 inch pie

1/2 Peck equals:
5-6 lbs apples   -   5 pints applesauce   -   8 cups jelly

1 Peck equals:
10-12 pounds   -   32 medium apples   -   3-4~ 9 inch pies
7-9 quarts frozen   -   4 quarts canned

1 Half Bushel equals:
20-24 lbs   -   8-10 quarts canned

1 Bushel equals:
40-48 pounds   -   126 medium apples   -   15~ 9 inch pies
30-36 pints frozen   -   15-20 quarts canned

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsor-A-Tree supporters
who made a capital investment in our growing orchard. Each supporter will be honored with a sign by their heirloom apple tree. Thank you for your support in this long-term investment!

2016: Joan & Robby Doss, Anne & Andy Biebl, Yvonne & Lee Weber (pear), Steve & Jessica Lindee, Kristin & Dale Anderson, Anonymous, Anita Prestidge & Aldean Hendrickson, Kellie & Chris Newman. Bob & Linda Beck. 

2017:  Lisa & Jesse Taralseth, Pat Nelson, Penny Nelson, Yvonne & Lee Weber, Betti & Ken Kamolz, Nick & Lexi Pietsch, Sarah & Steve Sveine, Terry & Ellie Sveine, Jan O'Marron, Dustan & Melissa Cross, Beth & Laine Sletta, Anne & Andy Biebl, Paul & Gail Lindfors, Kayla Bartlett.

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