Monday, June 13, 2016

CSA Week #1

Whoops! Getting back into the routine folks, I forgot to post our photos and newsletter from Week #1 of CSA delivery on June 8th. Spring CSA boxes start our smaller and lightly, dominated by spring greens. Strawberries and lettuce are the stars.

In the Box: Salad Booster Bag (kale, chard, dandelion greens), stinging nettles, apple butter, 2 heads heirloom lettuce, 3/4 lb rhubarb, pint strawberries, green shallots, bunch oregano and veggie seasonality and storage guides.

First week boxes usually contain spinach and radishes as well. Spinach is a crop failure this year and radishes are far behind due to rain delay. Plenty of other goodies to enjoy!

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