Monday, June 6, 2016

Paint the Farm!

We are ever so grateful to our CSA members that came out to the farm over the weekend to help us beautify the farm! Having a crew of fun folks to do the painting with really makes a difference - great progress was made and what is left seems so much more manageable now. Thank you!

Thank you Brady for letting us borrow the paint sprayer - what a difference that makes! Here is Nate, Yvonne & Lee standing in front of the pack shed, which is now 90% painted!!

A view of the pack shed before painting - what a difference!

Pat and Penny tackled the greenhouse, which just looks simply amazing! Thank you ladies and gents for your time and support.

Looks like a whole different building, right?!

The crew even got a little start on the pig barn. We feel very blessed - what an amazing community we have here. :)

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