Thursday, June 23, 2016

CSA Week #3

The first delivery of summer! Officially, anyways, as it's felt like summer for a bit. New this week are butterhead lettuce, kale, radishes, mint and snow peas! One of the highlights of the day was new piglets however! Suzy and Elsa farrowed in the morning, before delivery - it was a great day altogether. Now off to pull weeds and enjoy the sunshine!

CSA News Week #3: featuring garlic scape pesto, radish butter, wilted greens with parmesan (great for swiss chard, kale, beet greens and more). 

In the Box: Butterhead and romaine lettuce, kale bunch, apple butter, big bunch garlic scapes, quart snow peas, bunch radishes, green shallots and mint.

The pick up site recipe of the week was Dinosaur Kale Salad!

A third week of lettuce showcases our Pirat butterhead - tender and beautiful.

Mint is a great refreshing herb with beneficial properties for digestion. Throw it in a cucumber salad, a pitcher of water, a mojito or brew a fresh tea. There are many ways to use this herb.

Boxes packed and ready to head out for delivery!

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