Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo Update 6.13.12

A few shots around the farm today.  Loving more and more flowers all the time!  Potatoes, tomatoes, zinnias, and the cut flowers are forming buds :)

I had to include this beautiful flower!  This heirloom zinnia (Cut-and-Come-Again) is in my kitchen garden up by the house :)

Multiple successions of corn--for the CSA boxes, and ourselves.  We ended up planting extras, as room allowed, so we should have some for Farm Share customers as well!

 Hazel and the wheat, which is starting to head out--beautiful at sunset!

Reach little beans, reach!  The pole beans are getting ready to climb--I can't wait for fresh snap beans :)

A ground-level view of one of several successions of carrots.

Tomatoes have a few flowers on them, as do the ground cherries.  The tomatoes are looking nice and strong.

Mammoth Red Rock cabbages, onions, and some volunteer buckwheat.  The cabbages have just been taking off!

 The snap peas have started and the shell peas (above) are looking fabulous--the pods are starting to fill in.

A row of broccoli plants, have been loving the recent weather.

Green Mountain potatoes, prolifically flowering now, this picture shows them after mounding dirt around them twice (for production and sun protection).

 Moon and Stars watermelon--the melons are dark green with bright yellow stars and at least one (larger) moon on them.  The leaves have beautiful yellow marking too!

This is my little work space/garage office with my daily materials I need--planting plan, white board, schedule, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.

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