Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CSA::Week 1

The CSA season has started, and yesterday we delivered our first boxes!  

There are garlic scapes (the green/white curly-qs at the top); spring bunching onions (red ones); green garlic (the white ones, this is just young garlic); Amish snap peas; pea shoots (above the green container); a couple sprigs of spearmint (in case anyone wanted to try some minted sugar snap peas); as well as a MN Grown seasonal produce chart; Berkeley Farmers' Market sheet on storing produce; a copy of the newsletter; and a jar of homemade Rhu-Berry jam, made with handpicked (by us!) wild blueberries from up North.

Unfortunately this spring we had a crop failure on our lettuce--as multiple plantings were washed out by the heavy rains.  Generally the early spring boxes are heavy on these greens.  We had enough just for this one CSA week, but disaster--the cooler they were in got too cold and damaged them, so...we are rolling with the punches and moving on!  The boxes will grow with the season :)

Planning for week 2, and soon farmers' market!

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