Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo Update 6.9.12

Here's a few photos of what's going on in the field at Alternative Roots Farm!

The garlic scapes are coming in, as the garlic bulbs continue to grow.  We have harvested a few and have been chopping them up for salads, sauteing them for eggs--they have a great, light garlic flavor.

The garlic scape is the lighter stalk in the middle.  The swell is where
the flower would be if it continues to grow.

Now that Emily is done with school she is home helping out on the farm!

Emily harvesting a couple garlic scapes.

Brussel sprouts looking great!

Snap peas are coming in vigorous, we should have some for
sale next week.

The potatoes have been mounded twice, to encourage
greater production.  If you look real close you can see
that they are starting to flower.

A view of the field--it's filling in!

Buckwheat cover crop on the left, where fall broccoli will be planted.
Brussel sprouts, then potatoes...
Busy weekend doing some seeding, watering, and the weeding is pretty much under control.  John is finishing framing in the windows in the packing shed, then we'll seal them and start on the cooler!  Very exciting!!

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