Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Orchard Photo Update :: Apple Picking 8.26

We had a wonderful volunteer day out at the orchard on Sunday! We had a nice crew of about 12 people helping us to clean up the orchard floor, from dropped apples and harvest ripe fruit.

 Getting ready to start the day--John had a little demo area all set up.

 Heading out into the orchard to pick!

 John's dad Larry, John and Mark Dauer, previous orchard manager from about 10 years ago. Mark came over to help in identifying the apple varieties that were ripe. We believe we have some McIntosh, Wealthy, Harelson, Honey Gold, and State Fair, among others. What an amazing help! Thanks Mark. Also a big thanks to Larry for helping to map and take notes!

 Thanks Megan, Matt & Miles for your help :)

The Orchardist
John picking apples, in between instructing volunteers.

 Loading up the dropped apples. Some will be burned, to eliminate pests. Some will be pig food.

 Nicole and Ben--thanks for your help!


 At the end of the work day, after a generous meal of Goose Stew--cooked with apples from the orchard--made by orchard owner Marv Augustin. The crew all had a great time, and we have some great apples!

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