Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Update 8.1.12

Wow! It's August already, crazy stuff. We are working our way towards peak season, with new veggies becoming mature each week. This week our first green beans ripened and we picked our first jalapenos :) Good stuff. So far this season, all of our produce has gone to customers who had pre-payed for the season--CSA & Farm Share members; we have a made a few on-farm sales as well. Anything beyond this we have been using for our family. Here's a little peak of what's in the garden!

Waltham Butternut
Squash is on the vines!

Copenhagen Market
We've been harvesting cabbage for a couple of weeks now, and getting ready to make our first batch of kraut!

 Wildlife in the garden--we love those pest eaters!

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
 I am ready to make jam with these ground cherries! What do you do with your ground cherries? have you tried them before? Such a sweet little treat :)

Four successions of beets and kohlrabi.
 The next crop of beets is coming in strong!

Young green peppers! 
We have green & red sweet peppers, as well as jalapeno,
serrano and ancho hot peppers.
Three rows of peppers in the garden--lots of fruit on the plants!

Beautiful zinnias.

Curing produce.
Drying chantrelle mushrooms foraged up North, curing shallots, onions and potatoes.

Stuttgarter white onions curing.
Rostov sunflowers, grown for seed.
Acorn squash, affected by squash vine borer.
We have been battling the squash vine borer pest on most of our squash. We have lost about half of our acorn squash and pie pumpkin plants. Thankfully they did not impact our other members of the cucurbit family--butternut squash, watermelons, cucumbers.

Dragon's Tongue snap beans.
I love garden fresh green beans! I might eat a few while I'm picking...  I am excited to have green beans  ready--we'll have several more varieties over the next month.

Butternut squash and corn.

 That's some tall corn! We are growing three varieties of sweet corn and bloody butcher decorative corn, and Bear Island flint corn (meal/flour).

St. Valery carrots.

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